Baze Invaders


“Mankind deserves sacrifice – but not of mankind.” – Stanislaw Jersy Lec

Earth had long ago been hastily abandoned before it was destroyed in a planetary collision. Since star-travel had proven to be elusive, what was left of the human race survived as a single colony living underground beneath a shielding base on Asteroid 2604 in the Asteroid belt of our own Solar System.

The primitive defense system installed in the base was originally designed to fend off other asteroids and space debris and for a while, meteorites going past the base floor were the only worry for the team of defense operators that manned the shield. They did their job knowing that the base floor was the last level of protection for the colony living underneath. Even the smallest falling object getting past the base floor would result in the total destruction of the lives that it protected. The defense operators’ work was a routine job, fending off the occasional space rock until … they came!

Wave after wave of them. During the very first attack all the other defense operators lostBazeInvadersAlien their lives, leaving you alone in control and in command of the base. This left the fate of humanity in your hands. Can you keep control of the base defense operations and save humanity from total extermination?


Baze Invaders is a fast paced space shoot ’em down game currently under development with releases planned for web browsers, Windows PC / mobile, and Android.

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