El Muro

We have released El Muro … a game that is to be taken lightly.  No really, this is just a little fun game with no underlying political agenda.  Or not?

Click HERE to play it for free.

Almost everyone has heard about Donald Trump’s intention to build a wall to control who can cross the border from Mexico to the USA.  There are several heated debates about the subject, both in favour and against.  Many others are still undecided whether the wall is a good or bad thing.  We have come up with this game to allow you to decide for yourself.  And if you have already decided .. maybe this game will let you see how to other side feels about it 🙂

Lights Out is out!

LightsOut_ScreenshotWe just released another game called “Lights Out”.

Click HERE to play it for free.

The idea of the game is to try to remember the position of the images that match the one shown at the bottom.  When the lights go out, the images are hidden and you have to click on the position of the matching images. And you need to do this fast!

As the game progresses you have to match more images in less time.  And the number of images to choose from also increases. Aaargh!

When the Lights go Out, will you remember everything?

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Best played on a mobile device using Chrome browser.